It’s been a busy yet fulfilling few weeks here at Extreme Structures, doing what we do best! We were approached by our client, Verve, in relation to one of our jobs at The Picnic this year; Just Eat Flavour Ville.

This custom build was designed and managed by Verve Live Agency. The basis of the structure entailed our Mezzanine structure which was used as the frame for the base of the design.  Our team then added to the base through several different elements.

The structure began to take shape in the workshop, where our crew added container looking façade to the structure. Our crew then hand painted this custom façade, to encompass the colours of the Just Eat logo. The other carpentry elements which were added to the Mezzy, consisted of a custom DJ box, a Jellybean station and serving hatches, with stained timber counters.

Our crew also designed the timber overhangs for the Just Eat seating area. We incorporated our very own rustic tables and benches within the design.

Bringing the project together was a challenge, as there were so many different elements to it. It was all made possible by our dedicated staff who worked tirelessly to ensure that this project was completed and made it over the line.

It is always a joy to take part in projects like this, as our ethos is again instilled in what we do every day; providing unique structures for our clients through “Imagination & Creativity”.